Most common edible plants

Knowing what plants you can and cannot eat can mean life or death in certain situations. You could be lost in the mountains with no food left, or society has collapsed and you don't have any food. Nature provides us with many food sources , plants being one of them. Today we will show you some of the most common edible plants!

1. Dandelions

Dandelions are most often looked down upon as an annoying lawn weed. However most people don't know that every part of the plant is edible, plus you can find them everywhere! The yellow flower part is in fact edible, and can be eaten fresh of the plant with no preparation. The leaves are also a great
 part to eat. You will want to eat the young leaves because the old ones get a bitter taste. 


2.  Clover


Everybody knows clover and it falls within the group of edible plants.

Clover is everywhere in the United States and very high in protein.

Raw clover can cause problems with digestion, but it can be made into a juice form.

Flour can also be made from dried clover flowers and seed pods.

Tea can also be made from clover, just steep it in water.